Hampstead, NW3

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Certified in New York by
Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph
Pilates' chosen successor.

Trained at
Studio Pilates de Paris®
How Does True Pilates Benefit Me?
Change the way you move and carry out your daily activities. You will walk better, play better, work better, sleep better, feel better, and look your very best.

Optimise body-conditioning by working the body uniformly. Strengthen, stretch and align - in motion. Get a sleeker shape; strengthen the core or ‘powerhouse'; develop strong and lean muscles without bulk; correct posture, coordination, alignment and balance; increase endurance and mental strength; improve on your favourite sport; recover from or prevent injury; recover from childbirth; alleviate most back pain; prevent osteoporosis; or simply FEEL GOOD AND LOOK GREAT!

Patricia personally trains Broadway and West End actors, singers, dancers, acrobats, athletes, fitness and other Pilates trainers, as well as business or working people, mothers, teenagers and seniors. From the complete novice, to Cirque du Soleil, clients get a great workout.