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Certified in New York by
Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph
Pilates' chosen successor.

Trained at
Studio Pilates de Paris®
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"Thank you Patricia, wonderful class. You have really helped my lower back in just a couple of sessions. Look forward to seeing you again for more strength and stretch. Sarah B xx"

Sarah Brightman (Singer, Los Angeles)

"Since working with Patricia my mobility and confidence have improved beyond all recognition. I've had a very bad back for several years and have tried many therapies and practitioners to try to rectify it. I had really stopped believing that anything could help. After only 6 weeks with Patricia, I am feeling so much stronger. Patricia enables me to take what I learn in the studio into my everyday life. Her good humour, focus and discipline pushes me to my limits. Her attention to detail and gentle reminders about posture and technique allow me to safely and steadily improve session by session. I am working muscles I didn't even know I had."

Maria Friedman (Singer & Actress; 3-time winner of the Laurence Olivier Award)

"True Pilates has changed my whole concept of ‘workout’. Before I started True Pilates, I used to run to the gym several times a week but still not feel satisfied. Now with a couple of True Pilates sessions a week with Patricia, I feel a much deeper workout and a real sense of relaxation afterwards. It makes me much more body-aware in everything I do. I have also improved my posture after just a few sessions. I truly love this form of exercise and recommend it to anyone looking for a balanced workout and a healthy body awareness."

Princess Elisabeth Thurn und Taxis (London & Germany)

"Excellent instruction in a beautifully airy and peaceful private studio. Patricia is a thoughtful and accomplished teacher who personalises her sessions for each client. Very enjoyable - thank you!"

Fiona McAusland (Health & Fitness Editor, Time Out Magazine)

"An excellent workout - much tougher than I expected!"

Charlotte Ross (Journalist, London)

"Chancing upon Patricia's mat classes - via a pamphlet in my local gym - was pure serendipity. It turns out that a weekly intense workout session in her bright, airy studio in leafy Hampstead was exactly what I needed. By the end of the first lesson, I'd discovered the source of my lifelong lower back issues: incorrect posture. By the end of the third week, I was noticeably more flexible. Three months later, I'm conscious of my body in a way I've never been in my life. It's a tough workout and every session is different. I can't recommend it enough."

Daven Wu (Travel Writer, London)

"Opened up what 'real' Pilates is all about. I have improved beyond recognition. I do some Pilates teaching too... You will not find a better or harder teacher - and no slacking!"

Phil Bennett (Media Consultant/ Pilates teacher, Hertfordshire)

"After many years of computer work I came to Patricia with shoulders that loved to be held up near my ears. After a few sessions I noticed that my posture had improved. As a keen runner I have noticed improvements in my running style as I stand taller and engage my ever-strengthening powerhouse. This is balanced with much needed stretching to loosen my tight legs. Our sessions are tough as ever more challenges arise using the myriad of equipment. That said I wouldn't miss my weekly session for the world as it is lifted by Patricia's laughter and beautiful smile."

Lynne McKenzie (Treasury Manager, Millbank, London)

"Thank you Patricia! Working with you is a dream and I'm so glad I found you here in London - my second home. You are true blue! I look forward to many more visits."

Ian Archer-Watters (Dancer, Grandiva, New York City)

"Patricia helped me re-hab a foot and lower back problem. I have never worked so hard in a Pilates class."

Kim Oavert (Pilates practitioner, London)

"Having done yoga for 20 years, I was advised to discontinue due to neck problems. Pilates was strongly recommended as a replacement. Patricia focuses very much on the individual's needs but she also pushes you to achieve more than you mentally think you are capable of! She is very good at fine-tuning the session to suit your strengths and weaknesses, and works through any sticky points in a professional and safe manner."

Laika Lebreton (Mother of four, US)

"I so look forward to my sessions with Patricia. She tailors each session so I really feel both physical and mental benefits as the weeks go by. The progress in my stamina and posture is already noticeable. I leave each session feeling two inches taller. My goals were to build general strength and mentally ‘unwind’, but I have already noticed so many additional benefits including posture, weight loss and even self-esteem!... Patricia is fabulous – she’s tough and fun – nothing gets in the way of my sessions in the working week. It’s a real treat."

Sally Mackereth (Architect, London)

"I needed to improve my posture and lose my tummy after having had my children. Patricia is strong and tough. She really makes me feel like I have had a workout and it is hard but fun! I hate the gym but love True Pilates. My tummy is shrinking and I feel a lot stronger."

Tina Hughes (Hampstead)

"Having tried many different Pilates studios in the US, I was so happy to find True Pilates London! The studio is beautiful and well equipped and the sessions with Patricia are always delightfully challenging and rewarding."

Rebecca Glassell (Former dancer, US & Sweden)

"Thank you Patricia for a fantastic introduction to True Pilates. Your warm approach is very encouraging and I look forward to referring many clients to you."

Dr. Nicolette Ray(Love Food Love Life, Harley Street)

"Patricia has helped me to rediscover muscles that have lain dormant throughout three pregnancies. I can feel myself getting stronger and more poised. The hour flies by and I look forward to each session, seeing it as a way to repair my body and prepare for everything life may throw at me that requires stamina and endurance."

Susan Heller (Former solicitor, London)

"Thank you for a great workout. You are such a wonderful instructor! I will always swing by whenever I am in London."

Hanin Ismail (Cabin crew, Singapore Airlines)

"Thank you very much for a great and tough workout in the True Pilates Method. It was a pleasure for me to learn the exercises in the original way...and it was very exhausting."

Susanne Mattman (Pilates instructor, Switzerland)

"I came to Patricia after years of recurring lower back strain. We worked to gradually strengthen and support my back while achieving overall core body strength. As a result, I haven’t experienced any back problems, my posture is much better and I feel great, Patricia is patient and ensures that you get the maximum benefit from each exercise. Each session varies and it is never boring… I know that I am doing each exercise correctly so as not to re-injure my back."

Carol Tsao (Former attorney, US)

"Patricia is very conscientious. Each session is tailored to my needs on that particular day. No two sessions are alike and any weaknesses are worked on. Patricia is not only lovely to work with, but she is also a perfectionist. Each movement is done with precision and I can’t get away with anything!"

Barbara Mitchell (Jewellery designer, Canada)